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Event Horizons

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-OR- SUBSPACE:  The Black Hole of the D/s Universe (In which, a not-very-Domly-Domme McSpankypants shares her mental meanderings on subspace.)

Asking Nicely

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FAIR WARNING:  The photos in this post are most definitely NSFW.  If you choose to read on, be aware that nekkid Feve ensues. * * * * * * *… Read more »

So, d’you mind if I pour wax on you?

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(This is not an abnormal conversation starter in my household.) “Uhmmm…?” he replied. I raised my brow at this non-response. “Is this for your blog?” he asks. (Astute, he is.)… Read more »


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. Reflecting on the past year… Today, I am thankful for: waters bridged lights shined life celebrated all those who I am privileged to call Mine and YOU . Happy… Read more »

Elust #100

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Photo courtesy of Wriggly Kitty Welcome to Elust 100– The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for… Read more »