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One of my roses, before it was beat by the heat.  Looking at this photo, it’s easy to understand why ‘flower’ is often used as a pseudonym for a certain part of a woman’s anatomy…

I spent an hour last night soaking the ground in my garden.  (Pun intended.)  Will my efforts resurrect my roses?  Doubtful.  But I got splashed a bit, so it was worth it.  Besides, it was refreshing (to say the least) to get wet (heh) from something other than sweat.


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    1. mrsfever Post author

      While I definitely respect her work as an artist, O’Keefe’s work is not to my personal taste. If we’re discussing artwork from the Art Deco/Art Nuveau period, I much prefer the luminescent qualities of Maxfield Parrish’s watercolor illustrations.

        1. mrsfever Post author

          Very nice. He used such a warm color palette, and he wielded his brush skillfully; every time I look at one of his pieces, it seems like the models have light radiating through them.


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