Formerly Known As 'Massive Erection'

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Term:  Massive Erection

Hypothesis:  Every erection is a massive erection.

Rationale:   The word ‘massive’ has, at times, led observers to believe that claimants of these kinds of erections either (1) are profligate liars, or (2) have dicklexia.  New linguistic evidence suggests otherwise.  All matter is essentially mass.  Therefore, all penises (penii?) are massive (size being a moot point), regardless of their state of erection.

Proposition:  Create new term to more accurately represent the term formerly known as ‘massive erection’.  Include substantiative evidence, based on subjective experimentation and objective measurements.

(S)experiment(s):  Uhhh…  I’m gonna need a lab partner for this, I think.


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  1. The Varied God

    In relation the male tendency to exaggerate, I recently observed to someone that the only time a man will tell a woman that his cock is not too big is when he wants to put it in her ass.