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Well, as search terms go, it’s not nearly as fun as Belly Button Squirm (thank you TDND), but I find it amusing that somebody found my blog as a result of feeding those two words into a search engine.  It sounds like a dismal box-office failure, I think.  Now Showing!  Visiting Naked:  show times 11:40, 3:50, and 7:10…only on Tuesday.  Or one of those not-remotely-believable romance novels with a picture of a buff man on the front who happens to be…in the buff…at least from the unsnapped button on his jeans, up.  I can see the synopsis on the back cover (it wouldn’t have a dust jacket; this is definitely paperback-only material):  When unwitting out-of-towner Studd Muffin accidentally crashes a wedding at a nudist colony on a visit to the Ravishing Ranch, bridesmaid Wilby Focked falls head over heels for the ill-clothed charmer.

Visiting Naked.

What does this mean, anyway?  Are we visiting Naked?  If so, where does Naked reside?  Perhaps we are naked while visiting…  But visiting whom?  And for what purpose?

Not that nakedness must have a purpose.  You must admit, gratuitous nudity has a certain…charm…to it.  I am, for example, currently engaged in a most charming visit with you, my dear readers (all five of you)…  And I’m naked.  (Pardon the feminine imperfections.)  So I’m visiting naked.

Therefore, I’ve lived up to the search term. (Mission accomplished?)

But there are other naked activities (besides visiting with y’all) that I should be getting back to, now that the Mister has had a short breather.  (I require a bit of naked athleticism from him from time to time…particularly on Saturday nights…thus the need for short rest periods on his part.)  He’s in the other room, strumming his guitar at the moment, but he should be strumming something else.  I think I’ll go visit him…



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  1. The Varied God

    I once read a letter to Ann Landers from a young married woman who complained that when her husband’s sister visited, she spent most of her time naked. This bothered the wife, who said something like ‘I know it’s normal for brothers and sisters to be naked together, but . . . ‘ When I read that I wondered where is it normal for brothers and sisters (grown folks, anyway) to be naked together. Anyway, it’s the only occurrence of the words visiting naked I could come up with. But I can see someone consulting the protocol issue. One is a nudist, one is going to visit non-nudist friends, can I ‘visit naked?’ It’s an interesting world out there . . .

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I suppose if a sibling pair had been raised in a nudist family, it would be ‘normal’ for brother and sister to be comfortable with one another’s nakedness. I tend to keep my clothes on when I’m visiting family, though. Mostly because I have an incredible sense of fairness, and in the spirit of ‘what’s good for one is good for all’… I figure if I keep my clothing in place, they will return the favor. While I don’t really care who sees *me* naked, I have NO desire to see *their* saggy and dangly bits. *Shudder*

      A musician acquaintance of mine recently had a gig at a nudist resort. She’s a bit of a Puritanical Repressionist (I just made that term up, but I’m sure you can figure out what I mean), so I was surprised she booked the show. I haven’t seen her since she played there, but I know the ‘protocol issue’ (as you so succinctly put it) came up when she was hired. The guy who set up her contract was somewhat shocked at the idea that she’d prefer to wear clothes and tried his best to convince her to belt her tunes in the buff. I highly doubt she performed naked. But if she was nervous, she wouldn’t have had to go to the extra trouble to *imagine* her audience naked. They showed up that way. 😉


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