Seduction: A Bunch of BS

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Welcome to the first Feverish blog share project!

Get it?  Blog Share?  BS?  😀

Yes, yes, I know…  I am ridiculously clever.

(Or perhaps I am just clever in my ridiculousness…  😉 )

‘Kayso, this is what I did:  I invited a few fellow bloggers to do a guest spot on Temperature’s Rising.  I gave them a prompt (a Feverish prompt, to be precise…..which shall hereby be known as a ‘Frompt’), I gave them a deadline, and then…

I gave them carte blanche.

Their instructions were:

What you do with your Frompt is completely up to you. If it triggers an ADD-a-thon and you follow your own uphill stream of consciousness, swimming against the tide with the salmon, more power to ya.  Please don’t get eaten by a bear along the way. 


If you want to focus on the Frompt itself, go for it. 


If you prefer to evoke a reaction from the audience, and the audience’s reaction is indicative of the Frompt…  Fabulous.


Dissect it, display it, enjoy it, exhibit it.  Make it poignant, make it funny, make it beautiful…  Just make it work for YOU. 


Poetry, noetry, Froetry… Asides, besides, insides, outsides, arounds, and throughs…  The only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself.  Fact or fiction, art or science, fantasy or reality, past or present…  Whatever you write is up to YOU.


And the Frompt was…

(Insert drum roll here)


So prepare to be seduced.

Every day this week.

By masters (and…erm…one Mistress) of the art.


Please pencil this seduction BS in on your calendar.  Your active participation is requested and encouraged and appreciated and STUFF.  🙂


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