For Your Amusement: Boobs

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I love boobs, hooters, breasts, knockers, tits, gazongas, mosquito bites, jugs, ta tas, mounds, sweater puppies and so on. I am a big fan of them. I hear most guys are and I know a few women who are fans of them as well. What I am not a fan of is faux boobs that zo chichi look (it’s japanese if you must know). I don’t mind natural big boobs. Okay, to be honest I am a believer in the “more than a handful is a waste,” which is why I have big hands. Still natural is better. I don’t care if they are perky, happy, pointy, saggy-although it must be stated that too saggy just makes them look unhappy and unhappy boobs do not make me happy, boobs should be happy-heavy looking, bouncy or whathaveyou, natural is best. Now aside from medical reasons I don’t see why anyone should mess with the natural design. Seriously nobody has managed to make something that is as universally fun to look at yet. If a car designer ever comes up with a car that looks like a boob or in that similar way that everyone looks at boobs, then they will be number one and stay number one until someone designs a better boob car. I would drive the 2025 Perky wouldn’t you? Until such a time, the boob is one of the most universally loved shapes found in the world. Don’t believe me ask a bunch of people.

~ Words of Wisdom from Nathan Richmond

(and if you can’t the link to his blog, contact him; he’ll make you snort-laugh about sex)

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And, Boobs:
(Well, one boob anyway. 😉 )


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          1. billgncs

            I had a big old used car in my youth without bucket seats. It was great because your best girl would sit next to you and every time you made a right turn it would slide her closer. It was fun when we stopped too 🙂

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