I Am Not A Wallflower (and other things my search terms say about me)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how WordPress stats work:  There is this handy-dandy little feature called “Search Engine Terms” that gives blog authors all kinds of insight into the minds of their readers.  (Or something.)  When it comes to this blog…  Sometimes those terms are humorous, often they are centered around a topic that I have no intention of ever writing about again, and for the most part the information they provide about y’all is . . . well, to be polite about it, the information they provide is completely useless.  So typically I ignore them.

Except, this week, I got a *fantastic* search term:  What is Jakob Dylan’s rising sign?

Isn't he schmexy?

Isn’t he schmexy?

And I said to myself, “Holy shit!  I know the answer to that one!”


(Errr…  Sort of.)

Bobby D’s baby boy was born December 9, 1969.  Which makes him a Sagittarius who was born in the year of the Rooster.  So that means he’s a cocky centaur who can sling arrows.  (He doesn’t, though.  He’s quite nice, as a matter of fact.)  Also, he’s the youngest son of a cultural icon (which, apparently, didn’t suck too much ~ he usually avoids the subject, but he actually talked about his dad once, here) who happens to be a damn fine (and I mean that in more ways than one – helllllooo, blue eyes!) songwriter.  And stuff.

So what, then, you are wondering, is his rising sign, Feve?

That probably depends on what time he wakes up.  Heh.

Okay, okay…  Let me do some math.

Sagittarius + Rooster + Bob’s boy x blue eyes…  Carry the 2, divide by one headlight

Jakob, the Autist

Jakob, the Autist

He’s a Wallflower, of course!

I, however, am not.  (I’m more like a ceiling weed.)

But I’m totally geeked that people are finding their way to my blog by searching for Jakob Dylan.  His people are going to looooove that!  Sort of like Morgan Freeman’s people are absolutely *thrilled* to be associated with a non-monogamous northwest chicky who digs on fisting.  Make your hand into a snake…  (You’ll ‘get’ this if you read seattlepolychick’s blog.)  Heh.

Anywhoo . . .

Jakob Dylan:  Wallflower.

And what else, you are wondering, did you learn from your blogtastic search terms?

Um.  Not much?

But there were a few that caught my eye.

Other search terms:

temperatures rising blog:  You’ve arrived.  Welcome!
migraine + temperature:  If you’ve got both, I’m very sorry to hear that.
jakob dylan:  Indeed.  GRIN.  (His people are going to be SO EXCITED!)
intellectual intercourse meaning:  Mind.  Fuck.
“I am currently without country”:  That’s a line from the movie French Kiss.
spanking temperature:  Uhm.  Warm?
temperature spank:  See above.  Add 17 degrees.
blog assgasm experience:  Yes, what about it?
tease and denial personal ads:  Uhhh…  No.


What brought you here, hmmm?

0 thoughts on “I Am Not A Wallflower (and other things my search terms say about me)

  1. basdenleco

    One admires intellectual discourse that is far ranging, intriguing and meanders from sage to sarcasm to proprietary to ribald eroticism.
    And whose shielded eyes emit that certain allure of sexual mysticism that resonates with clarity.
    That all comes to mind when answering the question why did I come to your blog in the first place via Linda Long if memory serves me.

      1. basdenleco

        One is enamoured by the discourse Mrs Fever.
        Thank you for being the incredibly complex lady that can clarify her thoughts succinctly and has the strength of convictions to convey her values with élan, verve, flair and communicative chic.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Heh. 😀

      Maybe I’ll get some more fun search terms once this post registers with the web crawlers. Like “Jakob Dylan’s rooster has a migraine” or “Do wallflowers like to be spanked?” 😛

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