I Ain't Ever Lived A Year Better Spent In Love

I know my weakness, know my voice…

…and I believe in Grace and Choice

8 thoughts on “I Ain't Ever Lived A Year Better Spent In Love

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Me too – I love it!

      The going around in circles, the writing on the wall, the changing of instruments among the players… It all adds to (and feeds off from) the lyrics. I think it’s brilliant.

  1. Elusive Trope

    I was going to listen to a second time after I wrote my comment, then I noticed your response above about “the writing on the wall” and watched it a second time. Everything about this is perfect — the music, the lyrics, the “videotograpy” right down to the end when they walk out in a line in silence (esp given the title of the song), leaving the room, which is awesome in and of itself. Thanks. This song alone would be worth going to see them in concert to hear it played live.


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