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Today is my birthday.

There is a large wrapped package sitting in the middle of my living room floor that I have been staring at for three days.  I have no idea what it is, except that it comes in a huge square box that the Happy Birthday wrapping paper couldn’t quite cover.  So my husband, being the creative genius that he is, decided to use Christmas paper to cover the bare spots.  It’s…  Disturbing.  But somehow the idea of unwrapping such a hodge-podgy package doesn’t seem nearly as fun as continuing to stare at it and guess what it is.

Since he put it out (he did this to tease me, and also to get even; I left his birthday present sitting wrapped on the mantle for an equal amount of days last month), I have poked it, slid it around the floor, helped the cat ‘accidentally’ paw at it, and tried to wrap my legs around its width.

I still have no clue what it is.

What is it?  A badminton set?  A pop-o-matic Fischer Price mower?  One of those slanted pillows you plant your ass on to keep your hips raised during sex?  An inflatable pool?

A weed whacker?

The thought that it could be some sort of grass grooming equipment does not exactly please me.  But I can’t let on to mi esposo that I suspect him of such common indecency.  So I have to make like I’m just curious.  (Which I am.)

“Can I shake it?”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“To guess better.  I wanna figure out what’s inside.”

“Why not just open it?”

“Because shaking it is more fun?”

Well, all shaking it did was prove that it was shake-able.  And, I assume, unbreakable.

Also, it’s much too large to be a vibrator.

Ohmygod.  What if it *is* a vibrator?  Or, something that vibrates?  Like maybe a vibrating bean bag?  Or an old-school beauty parlor hair dryer dome that buzzes while it blows?  (Heh.  And doesn’t THAT sound kinky?)

A n y w a y

We shall see.

It is not yet present-ing time.

However, it is time for gifting.

I follow some bloggers who create amazing material, and I am truly thankful for the gift of their words.  Their insights, opinions, experiences, self-examinations, and emotional explorations are much appreciated.  At the end of any given blog-reading session, I am sure to have digested food for thought, and often the writers’ stories resonate in such a way that I continue to think about what was said for days afterward, whether it be because they made me laugh or made me wet or made me ponder.

Recently, there have been a few that really stick out to me (and have stuck with me).  So, for my birthday, I am {re}gifting them here:



On Foreplay (for people who suck at foreplay):  Pretty much, in my marital relationship, ‘foreplay’ means (1) I take off all my clothes, and then (2) say to my husband, “I need an orgasm!”  Apparently, I am not alone.  Girl On The Net writes about her own equally awesome foreplay techniques, here.



On Edging (& Why I Like To {make him} Wait):  I have, in my various relationships, practiced multiple forms of orgasm control.  The denial:  No.  The delay:  Not yet.  The demand:  Edge for me.  I know what it feels like to be in command of someone else’s orgasms (which is, and – being the slightly switchy sweet thing that I am – I have also experienced (albeit, rarely) the opposite side.  The OhMyGOD and WannaCum, WannaCum, WannaCum but nonononono NotYET feeling of being made to wait.  The thrill of holding out, and the bottoms-out belly-drop roller-coaster crash of finally letting go.  The process, the reasons, the associated feelings…  Unf.

I’ve never seen anyone put it all into writing in manner that mirrors my experiences.  Until now.  Exhibit A nails it with this piece (which is most definitely NSFW).



On Being Difficult To Love:  On our travels through life, we collect baggage.  No one is exempt.  And whether it is a steamer trunk or a knapsack, a shiny new Berkin bag or tattered old train case, our emotional luggage is something we carry with us.  Perhaps, every once in a while, we should unpack our baggage and examine what is there.  And why.  Seattle Poly Chick does that, beautifully, in this piece about being Too Much.



On Everyday Ethics:  Dar, at An Exacting Life, examines her thought processes and poses questions to readers on a regular basis around the concepts of being intentional and being accountable.  Her post on the facets of ethical decision-making was a fascinating read; I work in a profession where every decision I make must fall, under scrutiny, within the framework of a specified code of ethical conduct.  But what about my personal code of ethics?  Where do I draw lines?  Her questions got me thinking (many of her posts are like that), and the conversations in the comments section were eye-opening.


As always, related comments and conversation are welcome.

Happy Birthday.

Go!  Read!  Enjoy!


37 thoughts on “Link Love

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      A fancy schmancy memory foam pillow, because he’s concerned about my (lack of) good sleep.

      Cue “Awwwww–!”

      We tested it. (“Any excuse to get in bed with you,” he says.) It’s FABULOUS. 😀

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      P.S. You might want to check your spam folder. The last few comments I’ve made on your blog seem to have disappeared into the ether.

      1. Ankoku1331

        I got them, but have been setting them aside, if you are talking about commentary about student blogs and housing info. I forgot to say thank you for both.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Okay. There have been a couple others – congrats on Barb’s job offer, one about your science-ing, I think… WordPress is glitchy sometimes, so I wasn’t sure if it was intentional. Just checking in. 🙂

          Graduation sooooooon! YAY!!!!! 😀

          1. Ankoku1331

            Can’t say I have seen a congrats (thank you) or a science-y one…odd. I got all of the feedback and home advice (you are correct on that) and given how much I check spam (sadly nothing of interest for months now) I would have seen comments from you.

          2. Mrs Fever Post author

            I think it’s a glitchy thing, because normally it will say “your comment is awaiting moderation” but those times I hit ‘post comment’ and it just disappeared. Anyway, it was your Valentines post. At the end you said she got her job offer. The science one, I was curious if the kids made bubbles. 🙂 It’s a little ‘young’ for them, maybe. But it’s fun. You need corn syrup (Karo) and some of the thick squishy liquid dish soap. I always used Dawn or Joy. And water, of course. The trick is in the cohesion. Soap and water alone won’t get you proper blowing bubbles. Anyway, it’s fun. Especially in the summer time. 🙂


  1. Dawn D

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to go read, one day, when I have more time. Especially the orgasm control one 🙂

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