The Clap

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. . . suddenly Roger understood why men would want to avoid it . . .


8 thoughts on “The Clap

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I can picture the advertisements: “Turning on your partner is now as easy as turning on the lights!”

      /cut to commercial/

      A woman lays on a bed wearing a negligee and bunny slippers. A man, standing at the foot of the bed in Superman pajamas says, “Honey, why don’t you turn me on for a minute?”

      Clap on…
      *clap clap*
      (erection inflates)

      Sixty seconds later…

      Clap off…
      *clap clap*
      (B-bye hard penis!)


      /end commercial/

      {The American censors would go nuts. But Monty Python would’ve gotten away with it.}

    1. Mrs Fever Post author


      Slamming doors, knocks at the entry from the neighbors…

      The constant on-off of lights all over the house would be great during Halloween, though. Do-it-yourself “ghosts”! 👻🎃


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