It Reminds Me

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Visuals don’t often appeal to me – I don’t “do” disembodied carnal bits without emotional context – but this one is…



The cropped-shot gif contains the barest of movement, but it is enough.

A masculine hand, strong fingers gently probing against the opening between her labia, insisting on entrance.  A woman’s hand, press-swirling in tandem with her lover’s, stroking herself to pleasure in just the way she needs.

I watch the barely-there motions again, and it strikes me:  That could be us.


It reminds me of US.

Of the way his fingers, thick and strong, roughly gentle, circle my entrance to pull my pooling wet onto his fingertips before thrusting deep, insistently twisting against my tight walled resistance.  One finger… two… he scissors and spirals, corkscrews and curls, until my thighs butterfly wide, affording him better access.  I tilt my hips forward and down, greedy for more, wanton and wanting all he can give me.

Oh yes.  This visual reminds me of us.

Of the way his fingers advance and retreat, rubbing in a “come here” gesture against my g-spot while I mimic the motion against the underside of my clit, pressing the pad of my middle finger in a swirling motion against my pubic bone on each stroke.


I look once more at the image that has so unexpectedly caught my attention, taking in additional details –

the way it looks like she is using two fingers or even three, but is really only using one; the way her torso is blurred just enough to make you wonder whether she has a tattoo; the way his first finger and thumb form a C, teasing dually at her vaginal and anal entrances

– before letting out a sigh and clicking away.


I wonder, via text message, whether he’s seen it yet.

“Not yet,” he replies, and I message back with what I know will be a tempting teaser, simply saying:

“It reminds me of us.”


8 thoughts on “It Reminds Me

  1. Bill

    Disembodied carnal bits, I like that. And them too, I can imagine them attached to whomever I want.

    The most unusual camera angle I’ve ever seen was in a documentary about reproduction. One sequence started with a view of the prostate, you saw it contract and the seminal fluid starts flowing towards the camera. They pull the camera back as the fluid approaches and then switch views to show the view from the cervix facing the head as the guy ejaculates. I suspect the producers were really taken with the ability to put fiber optic cameras literally ANYWHERE.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Heh. “Sounds” entertaining. 😉

      I remember reading a Dave Barry quote a while back about men and their oft-innate inability to ask for directions. He cited the beginnings of this phenomenon as being when a whole herd of sperm can’t manage to find one measly egg – an egg that is, relatively speaking, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and roughly (to scale) the size of Wisconsin.


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