Over You

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Come here, love.


Push your shoulders between my thighs and let me drape my legs over you. Let the relaxed weight of bent-splayed desire guide you downward. Feel the muscled insides of my soft-skinned thighs pet your cheeks and lower your sweet water-cool lips to taste the tart honey beading along my plump-flesh slit.

That’s it. Lick.

Stroke your tongue upward, swirl around my clit.

Push inside. Give your tastebuds the pleasure of my fuck. Lap my cream and suck my sticky tart-sweet.

Flatten your tongue when you flicker my clit. Take it into your mouth. Suckle.






I need you closer.

Come to the bed and prop yourself up on some pillows. Face me, and let me drape my legs over you, my thighs over yours. I want to see your thick cock, to let you see my glistening cunt, between the diamond-V of our entwined legs.

Now stroke yourself for me.

Look me in the eye and follow my gaze down my body to where my fingers slide slippery through the gushing mess we just made. Can you see the flushed-pink dark wet?

Watch my swollen clit throb and twitch under the pressure-circle of my fingertips.

Keep stroking.

Keep watching.

Watch. Me.

Do you see my fingers dance?

Listen to my moan-sigh melody over the orchestral pitch of digits plunging into sopping heat. This is the music of my need. A sex-drenched serenade. Do you hear it?


Yes, I think you do.

You like what you hear.

And I think you like what you see. Such a wanton and willing pretty pink pussy.

No, no. Don’t cum. Just keep stroking.

Watch me.






Come to me, my love.

Lay sideways, your groin against the apex of of my thighs, and let me drape my legs over you.

Push your cock into my cunt in slow-fuck strokes and press. Push. Tighten your hips and slide your hard all the way inside.

Steady. Slow. Deep.



Let me feel your quiver and swell against my clenching drip.

I love the way you get harder inside me as you approach your cum. The way you ripple through my tight with your hot heartbeat pulse, the way you make me thrum and constrict, flex and strain. The way you force my unbending yield.






What’s that? You want to cum too?






Not yet.

Come here first. Give me your weight.

I want to feel your hips between my thighs, your chest furring soft against my tender breasts. To see at inches-close distance the desperation in your eyes.

Come lay in the cradle of my body.

Push between my tender-swollen lips, and let me drape my legs over you.


14 thoughts on “Over You

  1. Molly

    Such good writing!


    Ps… just so you know my piece was totally inspired by your image as it was the way your bodies fitted together that led to my thoughts on the subject
    Molly recently posted…Perfect FitMy Profile

  2. Kayla Lords

    That word…”No” – I learned a long time ago that I usually get what I need, even if it’s not what I thought I wanted…somehow that seems true here, too. 🙂

    And thank you so much for the prompt this week. 🙂

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I have a record with the forward version of that song on it. It’s called Looney Tunes. (Which, I imagine, you may have been called a time or two.)

      I’ve missed you. I hope you are well.



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