Naked Eyes

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His fingers push and flex, scissoring their stretch against my tender swollen folds; mine press and swirl, rocking my sensitive clit against my pubic bone.  My cunt is dripping our combined fluids — he has just cum – repeatedly – branding my insides, making me burn even hotter, desperate for my own release — and I am shaking with the intensity of holding back.

He adds another finger, wiggling so tight against my clamped-tense opening that neither of us can move.  His fingers are just _there_, filling me, stretching me past the point I thought I could handle, and all I can do is arch my back and bear down on the impossible thickness.

In this moment I am nothing but primal instinct and insatiable, unsatiated lust.  My belly clenches hot and tight, the muscles behind my navel working in downward domino contractions.  My back arches of its own accord, lifting all but my shoulders and hips off the mattress.

I stop breathing.

My eyes begin to flutter, so lost am I to sensation, and I am deaf to all but the roaring thunder of my blood until his low-gravel growl reverberates against my earlobe.

“Look at me,” he says.

It is a rough honey request masked in harsh cacao demand.

His voice is smoke, his eyes fire.

When my lashes fly open to meet his gaze, he pushes his fingers deeper – impossibly, insistently, forcefully deeper – and rubs the pad of his thumb in circles on the underside of my clit, our fingers bumping in our mutual pleasure quest: his, to force me to cum; mine, to hold back as long as possible.

My lids are heavy, but so is the command in his banked-heat gaze.

“Look. At. Me.”

He says it again.

I meet his challenge, and it is then – with eyes wide open, focused but blind – that I willingly lose my fight to hold back, and finally finally









When I once again come to, soaked and sated, I look up to find his eyes – raw, exposed, appreciative, vulnerable, full of awe and wonder – holding mine.

Our roles are about to reverse.

He is next.




Physically, in this moment, we are both naked.

But it is only here, in our shared gaze, that we are truly exposed.


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12 thoughts on “Naked Eyes

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      As much as I enjoy orgasms, sometimes I enjoy the moment(s) *just* before – an infinity felt in mere seconds, so close, so heady – even more. 🙂

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