Asking Nicely

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FAIR WARNING:  The photos in this post are most definitely NSFW.  If you choose to read on, be aware that nekkid Feve ensues.

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I sent the following to my spouse before leaving for work yesterday:

text message containing nude photo of woman reclining under Christmas tree

text message including photo of woman's leg covered in flower petals

text message with "ask nicely" selfie

When I got home that afternoon, he met me at the top of the stairs with soft lips, a hard cock, and – from the touchy-feely octopussing I experienced – approximately eight hands.

“Those were sexy pictures you sent, hon,” he said, attempting to maul my face with kisses.

Leaning in close, I gave him my best sultry look (I am forever forgetting to practice this expression in front of mirrors, so by ‘sultry look’, really I mean ‘I looked like I was half asleep and/or slightly drunk’), pitched my voice sweet and low, and asked…

“So… Did you clean the carpet?”

He looked slightly befuddled for a moment before answering.  “Yes, of course.”

Backing away from him and running down the hall to the bathroom (gotta pee!), I could hear him muttering confusedly in my wake.

A moment later, standing in my bathroom doorway, he asked befuddledly, “But the pictures…?”

“Did you like them?”

“YES!”  (This, accompanied by a goofy grin.)

“Good,” I said with a wink.  “I decided to practice my powers of persuasion.”


There are a great many things I ask him to do.

Sometimes I even ask nicely.  😉

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      Errr… What’s a kitchen bench? (It’s probably an Oz-ism for something obvious, like ‘table’ or ‘counter’, but my brain is not computing the term in the context of the post, at least not at the moment…)

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