Sex(y) Selfie

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“Where’s my phone?” I ask him as he lays atop me, post-orgasm (mine, of course).

After fishing about under my left hip, he hands the blue-cased gadget to me.

“Woops!  Phone was unlocked.  I hope we didn’t accidentally call my mom during our fuck-a-thon,” I say with a grin.  Then, holding my phone at an angle I *think* might catch us both…

“SELFIE!” I laugh.  “Say CHEESE!”



Uh-oh…  Forgot the flash…


One of the things I love about my husband is that he’s GAME.  We are silly and ridiculous and always ALWAYS have fun.  In and out of bed.

Occasionally with the aid of {various types of} technology.  😉


11 thoughts on “Sex(y) Selfie

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