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Miss Behave

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Under the warm covers, my cool fingertips caressed his bare tummy, unwittingly eliciting a bark of laughter.  The tickle was unintentional, but I love to hear him laugh (and I… Read more »


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I’m not big on sexting.  (My fingers would rather be stroking my kitty than my qwerty.)  My friends (lower case = platonic), however, are always well aware when the Missus has… Read more »


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Some women refer to their partners as Hon or Sweetie or Snookums or That Bastard Who Knocked Me Up. I, however, refer to the funnily philosophical man I married a… Read more »


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Last week somebody found my blog using mens9″cocks as a search term.  Twice.  Spelled exactly like that.  Shorthand for inches and no spaces between words. I was equal parts amused and appalled…. Read more »

Me Oh'g

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The Mister gave me a nickname when we first got together (together in the Biblical sense, I mean) that has held on for nearly ten years now:  Orgasmic Girl.  Since… Read more »

Mrs. Fever, In the Bedroom, With the Starfish

Clue, anyone? (Don’t worry, Kyle: We’ll eventually get around to Mr. Mew, In the Library, With the Nipple Clamps… Just not today.  ;)) Okay, soooo… A little background information might… Read more »