Numb Knees, Back Rubs, And Assgasms

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(Thank you, G.  Without your enthusiastic participation in our erotic exchanges, this blog post would not have come to be.)

The pain in my lower back was quickly overriden by sensory pleasure; the pillows under my pelvis alleviating pressure around my tail bone while calloused gentle hands soothed sure strokes over my skin.

I’d asked him for a back rub.  What I got was so much more.


Remember when I told you that good girls share their toys?  Mmmm-hmmm.  I’m a good girl.  I’m about to share…  😉


Thanksgiving (Happy belated Thanksgiving!) is a lazy day for me.  Neither my spouse nor I have any family nearby, and while we occasionally do something with friends, my vegetarianism makes traditional turkey dinners a no-go.  So for the past few years, Thanksgiving day has been a stay-home-and-relax day, and I don’t even bother getting dressed (which makes it a stay-naked-and-relax day), opting instead to just be comfortable and lazy.  So other than talking and lounging and listening to music and lounging and watching a movie and lounging and grazing and lounging some more…

I did nothing.

Nothing, that is, except take an ass pounding (yes, I said ass pounding, so if anal sex squicks you out, I recommend you click away as quickly as possible…b-bye, now!) for an hour (yes, I got my ass pounded for an hour straight), the result of which was an orgasm that left me with completely numb knees (?!?) and an adrenaline spike that left me shaking for another hour.  Which was okay, I guess (the shaking, I mean), because what with my knees being numb (ever been on your knees so long they go numb?), I couldn’t really do anything besides lay around twitching on my mattress anyway.


Getting back to where I left off…


Regardless of the fact that I’d been lazy all day (or maybe because of it), I was feeling some pain in my lower back by the time evening rolled around, so I asked my spouse for a back rub.  I like it when he rubs my back, because his touch is always gentle and (unlike my massage terrorist) he doesn’t try to knead or rolf me.  He just runs his hands gently but firmly over my flesh, and it’s a comforting, relaxing experience.  No pressure on my muscles, just soothing touch.  It’s lovely.

Usually when he’s trying to soothe my aches, he’ll rub a bit of lotion on his hands and smooth them (in a rough kind of way; his hands are calloused) up and down my back for about ten minutes or so before getting distracted and moving on to some other activity, like watching instructional golf videos on youtube or practicing obscure jazz chord progressions on his guitar.  He must have been feeling particularly thankful this Thanksgiving though (or perhaps the only thing distracting him was my naked ass), because he used baby oil (LOVE the way it glides) instead of lotion and the other’ activities he moved on to were decidedly sexual in nature.

Okay, so maybe distracted is the wrong word.


He was definitely focused on my ass. (Um, that particular link will lead to photos of the ass in question, for those of you who are visually inclined.)

Heh.  😛

I’d stacked pillows under my pelvis before laying face down on the bed (so as to take pressure off my lower back), which raised my ass up in such a way that was ~ apparently ~ hard for him to overlook.

Double Heh.  😉

So there I was, propped up on my pillows, reveling in the confident caresses his calloused hands were gifting me, when I felt the squirt of baby oil between my shoulder blades…the slippery slide cool against my spine…and sighed in momentary bliss.  And in the next instant, that ‘bliss’ became ‘bliss-tering’ heat.  All the tension that had previously drained from my being under his ministrations returned ~ in the form of sexual awareness ~ when I felt liquid rivulets running not over the small of my back…

But down the crack of my ass.

Ohhh, yes.


He proceeded to rub the baby oil into my ass cheeks, then slowly teased his fingers up and down my crack…circling that forbidden hole…grazing the edges with his fingertips without entering.  His teasing was making me squirm, and once I raised my hips to press back against him, it was only a matter of seconds before I was feeling the naked pulsing head of his cock pushing against my puckered flesh.

Oh.  My.  GOD.

Not wanting him to think he was in any way in charge of the situation (wink), I first stopped the moan that was threatening to escape, then I stopped him.  I think I managed a whole eight words (brevity and levity and all that jazz):  “Get the lube.  And bring me my Lelo.”

After he complied, I gathered my wits about me and (ever-so-eloquently) added, “Go slow.”





So.  Damn.  GOOD.

The cool, slick lube was a lovely sensual counterpoint to his hot, oil-slicked cock, and he eased and teased his way into my tight, twitching little asshole in such a way that I felt every prick of pleasure-pain and every scorch of burning, radiating hurt-so-good sensation as my sphincter muscles struggled to accommodate the engorged head of his penis.


After allowing me a brief moment to adjust to his invasion, he slowly (sloooooowly), steadily pushed himself in to the hilt.

To.  The.  Hilt.




So I was on my knees (which were already on their way to being numb), bent over with my chest and shoulders pressed into the mattress (head down, ass up!), with a delicious burning sensation in my ass and a vibrating toy in my hands.


I have a toy, I thought to myself.  Time to play!


My Lelo is a regular-sized vibrator with a curved shaft.  It has a flared head as well as speed and pulse options, so it can be used for penetration and has the added bonus of extraordinary G-spot stimulation. Suffice it to say I used it for it’s intended purpose…

And then some.  😉


At this point…  Let’s just say the baby oil wasn’t the only thing running in rivulets.  My pussy juices were dripping down my thighs, my vaginal muscles contracting as if begging for penetration, and my clit was on fire.

And then he started to move.




So I adjusted the pulse (breathe, breathe, ohmygod breathe), swirled the flared head around my clitoris (gasp), and penetrated (ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod) my pouting pussy.  (As a side note:  My Lelo is a MOKA G-Vibe and it’s as close to the velvet-over-steel feeling of skin-on-skin penetration I’ve ever experienced from a toy.  But I’ll wax rhapsodic some other time.)  I alternated fucking myself with my vibrator (sogoodsogoodsogood, breathe, breathe) and using it for clitoral stimulation (ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod), all the while receiving a steady, unrelenting pounding (thankyou, thankyou, thankyouthankyouthankyou) in my ass.


It was amazing.

A.  Ma.  Zing.

You see, I excel at keeping myself on edge.  It usually takes me a long time (looong time) to cum, so I prefer to prolong the pleasure and climb as high as I can get before going over the adrenaline edge that drowns me in pleasure.  I love that feeling of teetering ~ when my whole body is experiencing pinpricks of sensation ~ and I hold myself there as long as I can, balanced on that razor’s edge.  Hovering there is equally as enjoyable as going over. Just like cresting the tallest peak on a roller coaster is equally as thrilling as the long drop down.  Both feelings are amazing.  The longer you hover, suspended in air…  The more intense the fall.  And usually prolonging (heavy on the longing) my climax intensifies my release.

So on my knees with seven inches of aroused male pounding my upturned ass and a myriad of pusling vibrations assaulting my clit and cunt…

Prolong it I did.

Even.  More.  Amazing.

I focused all my energy in my core, soaking the electricity we were generating into the center of my feminine being…


Pant, pant…






It took an hour.


And he was gripping my hips and pulling my hair, and giving me the longest, hardest ass-fucking EVER, and I was fantasizing about DP and 3P (ass, pussy, mouth) and shivering with arousal and reveling in the feel of vibrating double penetration (which he could feel too, by the way) and leaking girl-cum onto my fingers…

And it hurt, but (OhGodFuckMeHarder) it *hurt* in the most *delicious* way…

And I needed MORE.



The shared vibrations he felt through the thin wall separating my vagina and my anal cavity were wreaking havoc on his own ability to hold back, but he complied.



And the result (fasterfasterfaster) was that (nownowNowNowNOW) I shattered.

I didn’t cum; I came undone.  It was like shards of sexual energy sparked in a starburst, centering at the pleasure-loop formed between my legs and radiating outward, shooting sparks from my fingertips.  And at the same time, the muscles in my orgasming, rippling, contracting ass milked the cum right out of his cock.


He came in my ass.  IN my ass.  And he came hard.

Which has NEVER happened before.  He’s always pulled out.  ALWAYS.

Not this time.  (He’ll get in trouble for that later!)

But Hoooly…


A.  Ma.  Zing.

And I shook for an hour afterward.

A.  Ma.  Zing.


The shaking is nothing new.  It happens sometimes.  But numb knees?  I’ve never had numb knees before…



19 thoughts on “Numb Knees, Back Rubs, And Assgasms

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      HOT. Awww, you say the sweetest things! Indeed it was…

      And if his knees were shaking for an hour afterward it was probably from a combination of exhaustion (an hour *is* kind of a long time) and fear. Considering that he came *in* my ass (IN my ass!), I’d say his knee-knocking was justified. 😉

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I’m sort of… Uhmmm…


          But as far as anal sex goes, that’s the longest I’ve ever made him work. It’s also the hardest he’s ever *worked* ME, so…

          Meh. Fair is fair. 😉

  1. wildoats1962

    Anal is a good fantasy, makes for some hot porn, but I’m not really into it in real life. I do agree with Furball, you make it sound really REALLY hot. When neither person can walk, the sheets are saturated with sweat, and you keep water by the bed for re-hydration, that’s good sex.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Anal sex, just like any other kind of sex, takes practice, patience, and trust. Fantasy and reality are, indeed, two very different things.

      My reality? H*A*W*T. 😉

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      An hour, really? Yes, really.

      He’s gone longer, but Thanksgiving was a record breaker where anal sex is concerned.

      I don’t know what he thinks about when he’s holding off like that. Whatever it is, it works! He just kind of goes into a zone and stays there until I climax. I think he has to be in a particular mood to pound me like that.

      And believe me, I certainly wasn’t expecting it to last an hour. The only reason I know it *did* is because I had been looking at the clock when I felt the baby oil in an unexpected place; I looked at it again once I’d become a shivering blob. One. Hour.

      And I’m willing to bet you could hold out that long. You can do anything you put your mind to.

      So perhaps you should put your mind to baseball statistics. 😉

  2. goddessagirlg

    OMG! That was sooo sexy mumsy! I have never had an assgasm since I never lost that virginity! I have a feeling l am gonna be so mad at myself for waiting all these years.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Daddy has an amazing cock, Darling. He’s the only one allowed back there. 😉

      It’s good to see you here again. Did you lose your blog? I can help you find it again if you want. (Arch lost his forever ago and then he gave up. Pfffft!) We’ve missed you! MUAH!

  3. ubusurrender

    Holy shite that blew my mind and top and lid. I had to read it all over again. Wowee, that was some Thanksgiving. Good for you.


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