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The events of this post took place at a (gasp!) swing club, where, amongst other things, I had amazing sex (double gasp!!) with my husband  in front of (triple gasp!!!) a room full of spectators.  If you can’t handle that (or if you are reading this post at work), I’d suggest you click away.  Now.


Nobody ever truly knows the inner workings of a relationship unless they, themselves, are in it.  Nevertheless, it always amuses me to hear how outsiders perceive the dynamic that *is* The Mister and Me.


My husband was chatting with a rather buxom woman (and they were both naked ~ quadruple gasp!!!!) in the pool when she inquired as to my whereabouts.  I was sitting nearby at the time, trying to will the strength back into my shaking legs after a particularly powerful orgasm (keep reading, the details are coming), so he pointed to where I was sitting and explained that I was, in fact, trying to will the strength back into my shaking legs after a particularly powerful orgasm.  When she found out that my orgasm had come (heh) as a result of my riding a Sybian, she offered her two cents on the subject.

{I don’t know if you’re familiar with Sybian, but it’s essentially a pommel-horse style floor unit with a penis attachment that vibrates and swirls and does all sorts of unimaginable things to a woman’s insides.  And at the club that hosted the party we attended, there is a guy (I’ll call him Syb) who gives women orgasms using his Sybian.}

“You know, Syb is really good at what he does,” she told the Mister.  “And it can be kind of difficult for a woman to get just the right angle.  So you really should let him press her hips down and help her.  Don’t be afraid to let him touch her.  You should let her have him do that.  You really should.”

My husband, completely bemused by the idea that anyone would think that he “lets” Me do anything, replied, “Uhhh…  She did.”  Then again, with emphasis:  “She let him.”

“Oh,” she squeaked in reply.  “She did?”

“Yes.  She did.”

Blinking rapidly, his new acquaintance nodded, looked over at me (I was chillin’ in a chair near the edge of the pool, watching them), looked back at my spouse, shook her head as if to clear it, and nodded.

She did,” my husband reiterated.


Yeeesssss…  Yes, I did…



WARNING:  Explicit details of Mrs Fever’s orgasm to follow.  Proceed at your own risk.  😛


Syb introduced himself as the “pilot” (he operates the controls, significant others can watch, and he’s hands-off unless asked/invited elsewise), immediately set about to making me feel comfortable, and in a friendly but professional manner explained how the Sybian works.  He told me, “I’m just here to pilot your ride and to see to your pleasure”, so I leaned in toward him and winked and said, “I had a great night with a pilot once,” (true story ~ it was two nights, actually…and he was *training* to become a pilot, if you want to be technical about it…but that’s another post entirely), then smiled and added, “So I’ve no doubt about my pleasure.”

My husband was standing off to the side during this exchange and I could hear him choking back a little guffaw.  Syb sort of huffed out a laugh and gave me a look that said ‘you’re not what I expected’, then after a bit more chit-chat, we got down to business.

I am super squicked-out about germy stuff and I’m uber-careful about avoiding STDs, so once all my ‘Oh my God, is this sanitary? questions were answered to my satisfaction, Syb asked me which penis size I’d prefer.


He held up a small dildo attachment that was about three and a half inches, then showed me the medium one, which was five, and the large, which was six.

I’ve never considered myself a Size Queen, but I must be.  Because I looked at the six incher and said, “Six inches is large?”  I was pretty stunned by that.  I’d expected ‘large’ to be over seven at least.  I mean, I’ve been to adult toy stores and seen 14″ rubber cocks, so I’m not sure exactly *what* I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t six inches.  Six inches is barely average in my world.  Which I guess must mean I’ve been incredibly lucky in my limited (yes, I said ‘limited’ ~ not only can I count them, I can name them…well, most of them, anyway) number of lovers.



Six inches and a (non-latex) condom later…

I am full, Oh my god how is it possible that I feel so full?, full, full,full, and the flared head of the shaft is vibrating against my G-spot, rotating in concise circles, and I’m rocking my hips and shaking and experiencing shimmying shock waves of pleasure throughout my pussy, and I squeak in little “Eeeep!”s of surprise, and then Syb turns up the volume, cranks up the force, adjusts the movement, and I am moaning and riding and rocking with my head thrown back, watching my husband watch me…

Then all of a sudden my nipples are standing *at* attention begging *for* attention and ohfuckyes my clit is starting to throb, and all the while I thrust my hips fuckmefuckmefuckme seeking the perfect rhythm, until unexpectedly Syb adjusts the vroom, but he turns it up a little too high and since I’m ticklish that speed makes me shriek out a laugh, and my laughter makes my PC muscles contract, ohgodohgodohgod, which makes me moan, and the Mister is rolling my right nipple between his left thumb and forefinger and then he tugs…

And through my laughter and my gasping flushed pleasure I look Syb in the eye and say, “You’re my new favorite person” with a cheeky grin, and lean in and kiss him while my true love’s fingertips graze my nipples, and it feels so good, so good, sooo damn good…

And I need…  I need…  I don’t know what I need but I need it badly because it feels fabulous and my cunt is dripping juices down my thighs, and I’m almostalmostalmost…  Almost, but not quite…  Not quite, not quite, NOT QUITE on the edge, just a gasping, floating, feminine mass of buzzing sensation and pulsing flesh and dripping pussy and if I could just get to the edge I could ride it for a while, but dammitdammitdammit, I need, I need…  I don’t know what I need…

But Syb knows what I need, so I invite him closer, and he wraps his arms around my waist, grabs hold of my hips and presses me down, presses me down, downdowndown and I’m feeling incredibly full and I’m thinking this is the best six inches I’ve ever had, and I’m pressing my neck into Syb’s shoulder and turning my head toward the man I love, who is pulling my hair and telling me I’m fucking beautiful and I need to let go, and I’m pressing and shuddering and shaking, and my legs start to twitch and theretheretherethere, right there, right there, RightThere, finally the edge is right fucking there…

And I love to ride the edge, but I don’t ride the edge too long, not this time, because I can see how Syb is challenged by me and I can feel the heat of my baby’s breath whispering against my neck, then they both realize I’m finally there, finally THERE, so Syb lets go  of my hips and when he backs up he cranks the controls up a notch and then my lover fists the hair at the nape of my neck and pulls and I forget to breathe while this how the hell is this only six inches? cock, this swirling, vibrating, pulsing cock is hammering me, pounding me, beating the cum right out of me, so I bear down and let the waves rush over me as I dive head-first into clenching, convulsing, gushing sensation…


And now my head is in my husband’s lap and he’s petting my shaking shoulders and I let out a shuddering breath and say, “I hope you don’t expect me to walk anytime soon,” which makes both men laugh, and they hold me upright, making sure I don’t smack my head on the pavement when I come crashing down from this high, this amazing, euphoric, thigh-trembling, orgasmic high…


Merry Christmas to ME!



How was *your* weekend?


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  1. williamsjoel22

    !!!… 🙂 … Oh my, that was one REALLY HOT story, Mrs. Fever! You just made my day with Your story about riding the Sybian. Thank God I wasn’t at work reading this; At least now I don’t have to explain to anyone why I’m walking around with a “hard-on” 😛 I have seen videos of women riding them before and they seem to be having a good time but, to hear a stroke by stroke account of how it really feels; WOW!!! No wonder You had a room full of spectators!
    Yes, sounds like You had a VERY MERRY Christmas, Mrs. Fever; Ho, Ho, Ho! 😉

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      There were a few people sneaking a peak during that little interlude, but the room full of spectators was a separate event that (heh) came later in the evening. 😉

      Merry Christmas!

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          I suppose things could get wild… Depends on your definition of the word, I suppose. I think there’s a general misconception that swing clubs are one big drunken orgy, which wasn’t the case at all. It might be the case elsewhere, I guess… But we were in a safe, sane, sober environment. And I had an *amazing* time.

          As for the “Do Tell”… Gladly! 😉 What, precisely, would you like to know? I mean, I ‘get’ that you’d like to read more about my exhibitionist streak, but it also sounds like you’re sort of generally curious, and I’m totally open to questions. Ask away! 🙂

          Feel free to email me (my addy is over there in the right column) if you’d prefer.

    2. dgwolf

      Totally not fair!
      I know that I’m limping along on antiquated equipment, but not being able to see that edress when I crave to?
      Like I said … Totally not fair!

  2. wildoats1962

    Lots and lots of “things” cum to mind. It appears that I deleted a particular post from my other blog. It might have been my first. It was certainly one of the first few that I wrote. It was a description of the best sex I EVER had. Wednesday February 24 1993, I went to visit a BBSer in Indiana. She was the Sysop of “The Scoreboard of Indiana.” Things getting Wild sounds like a lot of fun. I was Wild then, Wild Rice was my handle. For a while she had me worried that she would die, then I was worried that *I* would die, then neither of us could walk. I had asked her to reserve a room in my name, she did and gave me the confirmation number. I arrived Monday night at the Red Roof Inn. South Bend had received 23 inches of snow overnight. I was driving about 20MPH on I-80. Tuesday we met face to face for the first time. Wednesday we got together for fun. I don’t remember exactly how long we were together, but it was the longest encounter I had ever had at that time. I have had a small number of times that might have lasted longer, but none were anywhere near as intense. She had warned me that she could get loud. That doesn’t really do anything for me, but it doesn’t bother me either. We left the TV on and fairly loud. When I came “Are You Being Served?” was on and Mr Humphries was talking. She came several times that night. During one of the more intense ones she started shoving the corner of the pillow in her mouth to muffle the screams. She just kept shoving more and more in. I started to imagine, How the Hell am I going to explain this if she shoves too much in and chokes to death? Her orgasm was unlike any other I’ve ever seen. The abdominal muscles started rippling almost like shivering but larger. The sweat just poured out of her entire body. That made me wonder if she was going to die of dehydration. I was in pretty much the same condition. We took a little break and cuddled. I shared my ice water with her. I commented about not wanting her to get dehydrated. We were in a spooning position as we rested. Then we started again. During her next orgasm she bent forward and bore down. I wasn’t expecting it. She actually bruised my dick. That’s never happened before or since. I also lost my hard on at that point. I was too tired and sore to start again. We laid there listening to the fundraising on PBS. She asked me how I felt about watersports. I must’ve looked surprised or shocked. I didn’t even think to ask, “Giving or receiving?” She changed the subject then. I’ve thought about that many times later. I think I jacked off about ten times a day for a month after that. The memory was that intense, as evidenced by the length of my comment, sorry ’bout that.

    I was also reminded of a series of nights while I was stationed at Ft Benning. The woman I was dating would go clubbing with her niece, they were about the same age. We would drive around in the wee hours of the morning. One couple would be in the front and driving, the other couple would be in the backseat having fun. That was the first time I had ever met a female voyeur. It was when my date and I were in back. It was kind of a blowjob tittyfuck back and forth. I leaned my head back and looked forward, and I saw the niece reposition the mirror to look me in the eyes. She was a nice looking woman and it sure looked like she was getting turned on watching us. She had a preference for black guys. I knew that, and it surprised me a little that she would get turned on watching us.

    The other thing your post reminded me of was my favorite musician, Frank Zappa. He did a series of albums called “Joe’s Garage”. The main character learns German in order to talk to a robotic sex toy that can service eight people at once. Cy Borg is flattered by his attempt to seduce the sex toy. And it reveals that it does speak English too.

    Also my wife and I have had threesomes. So far it has been MMF. And it’s not likely to happen again. We don’t live together. We get along better with our own space. We still help and care for each other, we just don’t live together well. And neither of us gets jealous.

    Well, this is your blog not mine, so I’ll end with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      ‘Kayso, there’s like a hundred things to respond to here, but of course the flashing neon question at the top of *my* list ist: How do you feel about water sports? 😛

      Immediately followed by: What was Mr. Humphries talking about when you came? 😉

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too, Wild. 🙂

  3. Bill

    I kinda had a feeling you’d be curious about that. It’s a long story that I don’t remember clearly. I must’ve been pervy as a kid. I wasn’t abused or anything like that. The kids I played with were my own age or close to it. Somehow, somewhere, we got some weird ideas and incorporated them into a dare game. If you dared someone to do something and they did it, then you had to do it too. I was quite young and that was my first experience with any sort of watersports. I wouldn’t have known the term then. And it was relatively innocuous in that it was just a small taste. I was also young enough that I wouldn’t have realized that we did some things correctly that allowed us to keep our play secret. We peed into a dixie cup, not directly on each other. It was a small quantity, and we were well hydrated so it basically tasted like body temperature water. Jump forward many years and I was reading an article in Time magazine and the Prime Minister of India was talking about urine therapy where you drink a glass of piss at the start of the day. Now it had been many years since my playing days, but on reading the article my friends in High School said “Ewww, Piss.” I did not have that reaction. My reaction was, “Ewww, morning piss.” The article is still available on line {even on wiki}. The awareness of other people’s reactions did stay with me, and it was a very inhibiting force. I kind of enjoyed it if the urine wasn’t real strong, but I was very aware that a very large percentage of people would be totally grossed out by it. One little trick to try and introduce the practice was to try and get the girl to have a couple of beers right before sex and then to try and give her an orgasm intense enough for her to not be able to hold it all in. That did work a couple of times, and it did allow one to get a little more comfortable with the idea. I’ve never actually been on the giving side {other than the play as a kid}. I can understand that it could cause some performance anxiety. The limited experience I had with watersports was positive. The internet {and the BBS systems before that} did offer more opportunity to read more about it and watch porn. Like many practices, the fantasy is the fun part. I like to watch porn depicting anal, but I really don’t enjoy doing it. Deep throating is awesome to watch, but I’m not really into that either {and that is one that I like to watch on mute, I don’t get into hearing people gag.} Watersports is kinky enough to get one introduced to the really really weird stuff, and yet it’s sane enough to be fun. Urine is sterile if you’re healthy, heard that one on the PBS series Nova. There was an episode of House where Drs Foreman and House are treating a person via a computer link to Antarctica. The female patient is unconscious and the Drs want the guy to do a urinalysis, but he doesn’t have the test materials, so they have him drink it then say how it tasted. Being a doctor and doing the lab work by tasting the patients bodily fluids would have it upsides and down sides. Speaking of which, he says he’s okay, but 40Deuce has had some tests recently. If you have an off-line for him you might want to send a note and see what’s going on. {I don’t know anything other than what he writes in his blog, drop me a note if you want me to copy and paste an e-mail of what he wrote}.

    My friend in Indiana had the handle, “Juicy Jenny”. The “Are You Being Served” episode was one of the first season episodes. Mr Humphries would play off of the comments by Mr Lucas. I don’t remember specifically what he said, but I had the laugh and cum response at the same time. I’m pretty sure it was the episode “Dear Sexy Knickers”

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Somehow I just *knew* it wouldn’t be anything so simple as, “I was tickling my girlfriend and she laughed so hard her vagina cried…right as I was about to go down on her.” Lol.

      I’ve never had a lover who was interested in water sports. My level of interest and willingness to participate would likely depend on what kind of dynamic my partner and I had. I’m generally a curious kitty, and I only have a few hard limits, but bodily fluid exchanges can get a bit squicky. So I dunno. My tendencies are more ‘D’ than ‘s’ though, so I can imagine myself as a giver, but not as a receiver.

      Thanks for telling me about Deuce. I don’t have any way to get a hold of him. I have no idea if he reads this blog or not; a lot of AFF-ers came over at the beginning and follow my blog via email, but never comment. If you think of it, and are able to do so, please send him my well-wishes.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      Thanks. 🙂 Given our shared exhibitionistic tendencies, I thought you might get a kick out of this one. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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  5. dgwolf

    I must admit that watching women on sybians, albeit mostly only virtually, has always been an amazing turn on for me.
    I guess I just like watching women cum, no matter what they’re riding.

      1. dgwolf

        Oh yes.
        Not exhibitionist ones per se, though I have been known to be a willing participant for one who was.
        Participatory is definitely my favorite though.

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          There are a myriad of ways to be participatory, even through exhibitionist and voyeuristic acts… But I understand your meaning. 😉

          I was talking with a fellow blogger earlier today about the different forms that voyeurism takes. I have found that I have a preference for aural sex. Generally speaking, I get a great deal more pleasure from *listening* to others’ sexual pleasure (hotel rooms are great for that ~ the walls tend to be thin) than I do from *watching*….. UNLESS I am vested in the person or the situation I am observing. That satisfies a completely different craving, you know?

          1. dgwolf

            Aural opens up the imagination, frequently more fun than the reality. I can easily understand its appeal.
            Still … There is something so compelling about watching a woman derive pleasure, and orgasm especially is something that transports me to watch.

  6. kdaddy23

    My baby and I went to a swinger’s party and our hostess was crowing over the fact that her hubby had just bought her a Sybian and she was really eager to show it to us all. A bunch of women – and three other guys other than myself – crowded into the room where she kept her new toy; she attached a dildo – I think it was the three-inch one – slid a condom over it, sat down and said, “Okay, I’m gonna start on low…”

    Thirty seconds later, she was screaming like someone was murdering her; her whole body was vibrating; she was finding it hard to breathe and her hubby had to help her off the device. The room was stunned into silence; my baby, who was at my side and gripping my arm rather tightly said, “Oh, hell no – I ain’t getting on THAT!”

    All I said was, “Fuck me… and we’re supposed to compete with that?” Man, talk about feeling impotent!

    Later, during the party, quite a few women rode the Sybian monster; none of them lasted longer than a minute – on low speed – and all of them had to be helped off.

    Needless to say, I was impressed – and I don’t impress easily…

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      It took me closer to thirty minutes.

      For me, that’s a short journey to orgasm. For Syb… I think he’s used to the 30-second version.

      I chuckled at the fact that all of them had to be helped off. Uhmmm… Yep. I was pretty much non-functional for about half an hour afterward. My legs were shaking and my whole body felt like Jell-O. Smotch helped me to a quiet area and a cushy couch, got me some water, made sure I was comfortable and then just sort of… Waited. Lol.

      It was an interesting experience, that’s for sure. I’m not likely to forget it any time soon. 😉

      1. kdaddy23

        For a man, who was at a party put together to have sex with other women, it was pretty disheartening and more so since the women I had my eye on to get jiggy with got their asses trashed by Sybian and were done for the night… on low speed at that. One woman, who claimed to have never had an orgasm during sex got on it, picked the 6-incher, and we thought we were gonna have to call 911 for some paramedics – we thought she was having a grand mal seizure; they weren’t called but our host had to take her to an empty bedroom and that’s where she remained for the rest of the party.

        I remain impressed to this very day.

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  8. MS

    I’m not normally one for exhibition, but my partner and I have had sex in front of others on more than one occasion. The last time we did was at a BDSM conference , in the middle of a convention center, on a wrestling mat, in plain sight of everyone, though we didn’t exactly have an audience.

    She has not used a sybian before, and obviously I don’t know this for certain, but your experience, from the outside, sounds a lot like some of the orgasms she has had — particularly the “feeling so full” part. I’ll have to see if I can get her to walk around after one sometime, or see if she can even stand at all. 😉

    Nice post 😉

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      You say you’re not typically into exhibitionism, and that makes me wonder…

      I don’t know if I’m so much an exhibitionist as I am just… Comfortable and open, with sex and sexuality.

      I definitely get a “charge” of sorts ~ like pulling energy into myself ~ when I have eyes on me, but at the same time, I’ve encountered self-identifying exhibitionists who sort of ‘play to the audience’… And *that* is a huge turn-off for me. I’m always very much centered in the moment and focused on my connection with my partner(s), whether anyone is watching or not.

      But yes, to say that my legs were shaking afterward… That would be an understatement. 😉

      1. MS

        I say not typically because its something outside of my comfort zone that I wouldnt do with just anyone. I have to be really comfortable (or really, really horny I guess) to do that.

        For comparison, I love to dance and find it a great way to express myself, but I feel uncomfortable dancing in full light and don’t really care to have an audience, even though I’ve been told I’m a good dancer.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      The fact that I could barely walk afterward was a little… Disconcerting. To say the least. 😉

      But it was a unique experience. Definitely one I’m glad to have had. 🙂

        1. Mrs Fever Post author

          Yes, I know what you mean…

          I discovered muscles in my legs that I never knew I had, and the reason I found out they were there was because those muscles were shaking so badly. 😛

          I had the opportunity to ride again last summer (different machine, different location) but I declined out of self-preservation. I like being able to self-ambulate. 😉