The Vagina Dialogues, Part II

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Part I:  Here

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Custom-Built For Comfort

Though truth be told…  [My wife] has the most comfortable vagina I have ever been inside. It’s just… totally perfect.  I can’t even describe why that is.

She fits you, that’s why.  🙂

Unless, as in car-speak, “comfortable” is a pseudonym for “roomy”.  o_O

LOL.  She IS a little “roomy” and always has been.  She has always had a thing for huge girthy guys.  She has a VERY deep vagina and could swallow a 9″ guy whole.

She and I could have a sack race on an obstacle course and I could stay buried to the hilt with no problem whatsoever.


And it probably has a lot to do with your emotional attachment.  If she was one of your transient NSA play partners, it’s unlikely you’d think her snatch was All That.

No…  The first time we had sex, I absolutely, unequivocally felt like my penis had found its perfect match.  I have *never* felt so right in anyone else.


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