By The Skin Of My Teeth

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I use my teeth.

On his cock, with barely-there scrapes upward over the head, soothed over with a swirl of tongue before again swallowing his length; with suction-cheeked molar grips against the root while I lave his shaft and throat-fuck his swollen tip.  On the insides of his thighs, nipping nibbling bites against his sensitive flesh.  Along the V where leg connects to groin, pressing suckling demands.

Exploring his tender flesh with my mouth, I skim the prickling pinpoints over his most vulnerable places – sometimes gently, sometimes… not – afterward assuaging each sting with the ministrations of my mouth.

I nip and kiss, bite and soothe, nibble and taste and tenderize, each abrading caress a deliberate pause point, designed to both extend and delay his pleasure on his winding-upward hill-climb toward orgasm.  It is a stop-start ascent, his breath coming fast before it catches in his throat each time my teeth press into his too-hot flesh.  Under me, his goose-pimpled skin burns, his body presenting a somatic representation of the mixed sensations I am raining down his body.

He doesn’t fight me; he knows better.

These tender abrasions – the nip and sting and prick and bite – jarring at first, have become intermixed over time with the way he perceives the increasingly pleasurable ministrations he experiences during the time between each scrape of my teeth.  He now craves the not-pain of both teeth and tongue in equal measure.

Razoring my teeth over the sides of his cock, from dripping slit to twitching sac and back again, I stop at the top for one last biting suck and pump my hand in a twisting grip up and down his shaft until I feel his body go still, accentuating the vellicating contractions at the base of his twitching cock.

Removing all touch – no mouth, no hands – I sit back, watching intently while he pumps futilely against the un-embrace of the surrounding air.

I could tell him no.

But instead I give him a raised-brow nod, savoring a self-satisfied smile as we lock eyes.

This time there’ll be no “No.”

This time, he’s going to cum.

_Just_ by the skin of my teeth.


10 thoughts on “By The Skin Of My Teeth

  1. Kayla Lords

    UNF! I love using my teeth on JB’s cock – and all his other sensitive bits. The difference for us is that I can’t cause pain, but just the threat of potential pain and the delight of the different sensations definitely makes him react in big, powerful ways. 😀
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  2. F. Grey

    “nibble and taste and tenderize” …this line is spot on. Great description of a sexual process and build I enjoy…um, inflicting.

  3. Xandria

    Sometimes I forget just how good you are at writing. This was intense to read. So intense. I almost wanted to engage in my own oral fixation. Yassssss girl!!!!

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