Meet The Missus

Mrs Fever B&W


Short Answer:  The author of this blog.

For a more in-depth answer, and for more information about what you’ll find here on this blog, please read on.


A bit about Me:

I am easily entertained (look, a puppy!) and love to laugh.

I excel at eskimo kisses and abhor corn syrup.

I dance in the living room and sing in the shower.

I play with words.

I have a complicated relationship with my body.  Sometimes I write about it.

I have a complicated relationship with my family.  Sometimes I write about that, and some of the reasons for that, too.

I am an introvert.

I am bilingual.

I like to read and I like to write.  I like to travel.  I like food.  I like orgasms.  Being able to combine all those things is one of the best parts of blogging.


I am sex-positive.  I write primarily about love, sex, and relationships.  Which means you will find explicit material here, including my thoughts and experiences around multiamory, D/s dynamics, and kinks/fetishes.  Yes, you will find occasional flashes of Skin.  Yes, you will find erotic content.  You will also find liberal helpings of intellect and emotion, because thinking and feeling are part of being human.  And human are we all; I do not pretend otherwise.

Oscar Wilde once said that everything is about sex except sex.  That sex is about power.  To which I say:  It’s all about LIFE.  That’s what this blog is about.  My life.


What else?

My husband is the source of much inspiration and entertainment, and I write about him often.  Our relationship is a bit unconventional.  We get along better for it, and I love my Mister dearly (even when he drives me batshit insane).  For better or worse and all that jazz.

A bit about Us: 

In the morning we wake like bears coming out of hibernation.  We say ridiculous things to each other.  Particularly in the middle of the night.  We strive for balance, which is both easier and more difficult with time.

We make mistakes.

We make love.

We make each others’ lives better.

We’ve formed a mutual adoration society with our pets (we love them, so we feed them, so they love us, so we love them…the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round…), two of whom – sadly – we’ve lost since the inception of this blog.

Fitness…  Well, some ways of working out are more fun than others, yes?  (And some forms of sport are not actually ‘sports’ at all.  Heh.)  You won’t find either of us in a gym, at least not voluntarily.  But we are particularly fond of exercising the muscles in our heads (which is part of the reason we don’t hold a subscription to cable television).

If you would like to know a bit more about me, or about how this blog came to be, click the applicable links.  Please make use of the search bar if you are looking for something in particular, AND


If you are shy or curious or just have a question or comment that you prefer to share personally, feel free to contact me using the form below.  If you would like to commission me to write for you, kindly do the same.

33 thoughts on “Meet The Missus

  1. tandd_cbt

    You must have removed said profile on said “adult site” As all of a sudden **poof** you vanished into thin air. I even looked under my computer all I found was dust bunnies…and speaking of bunnies, I see you won a bunny or a rabbit. I bet you rushed right out to get some batteries.
    Cause all good bunnies require batteries of course. Vrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      I *so* want a Rabbit! 🙂

      And speaking of bunnies, there’s a T&D blog here on wordpress that you might like. 😉 It’s called Denying Thumper. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

      As for the other place… It’s a long and not-very-interesting story… The end result? We decided it was time to go.

      Thank you for coming to visit me here! I hope you’ll return.

  2. Adam Engel

    I like this site. Sexy, fun, “tastefully erotic” with plenty of irony and humor. I expected the usual — yawn — porn, which is too ubiquitous to be interesting anymore, unless done with art and wit, like this site/blog/whatever. Pleasantly, teasingly surprised.

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  5. cb

    I see that we both have b&w tuxedo cats. 🙂 Is your’s a boy or girl?

    Also, I see I’m not the first person to say so, but your gravitar photo is seriously hot? sweet? cute? sexy? red? color-coordinated? intriguing? alluring? friendly? naughty? fun-loving? all of the above?

    I like it

  6. dreamlanddancing

    Yeeee-Gads! Do we ever have a lot in common…interests, expressions, influences…even Doug Adaqms…and Betty Boop? Anonymity is great…so I won’t dwell on why I think we may live within some proximity of each other (due to a passing reference you made)…or perhaps not…we are definitely members of several of the same “communities” (many of which are not necessarily near each other)…perhaps I wax too obscurely for too long…I common fault of mine, I’m told….
    I really do enjoy your work…I will be Bach.

    1. Mrs Fever Post author

      You be Bach. I’ll be… Me.

      As for obscure waxing, I think I’d prefer to remain au naturale. I’m not into pain.

      Thanks for stopping by, Chazz. :]

  7. Ret MP

    so you are paying the money to self host. good.
    so is this why there is no way to just click a + and “follow” and instead I have to go thru a subscription service?? via email…so you won’t show up in my “reader” anymore?
    Don’t get me wrong, i get the move, i just wish wordpress would man up and help a girl out with some transparency and ease when choosing what she gets to read…Ret

    1. mrsfever Post author

      I *should* show up in your reader still. If it’s being stubborn, please copy/paste the hyperlink ( into your ‘blogs I follow’ management page (in the lefthand column of your Reader if you’re on a PC). It will then show up in your reader as normal. 🙂


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